Building a life long bond through training

Building a lifelong bond through training

Whether you have a new puppy, adult dog or rescue, proper training is vital to achieving a long, happy and healthy relationship with your dog.   

Training  sessions at Max’s Pet Market & Salon provides mental stimulation, keeps everyone socially engaged and emotionally happy.  Our Accredited Pet Trainers teach fun and effective group and private sessions through positive reinforcement. 

Dog Training Programs

Puppy & Beginner $119

New puppy? No problem! Our 5 week in-store training class will help you and your pup learn all the basics needed to become an outstanding family pet.  Each session is 1 hour in length and the basics skills taught may include, but are not limited to potty training , watch me, leave it, drop it, come, sit, walking nicely on a leash, tips on fun and games and activities to help your dog stay mentally exercised.  Payment for the 5 courses are due in full at the start of the first session and the program is non-refundable.

Private Training $150/hour

Are you looking for a custom training program for your dog? Designed for all life stages (puppy, adult or senior) our in store Private training session provides you and your dog a dedicated 1-on-1 experience with one of our dog trainers. An initial consultation is required and classes are 1 hour minimum per session.  

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