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Salon Services and Grooming Upgrades

Our salon is “cage-free” and that means your dog will never be placed in a cage to be “kennel-dried” during their salon visit. Your fur babies will be able to roam freely in our relaxed and secured grooming area until you arrive. Since we schedule appointments by time, we will call you for pick up 15 minutes prior to your pup’s services from being completed. Please inform our staff if you are not able to pick up in a timely manner. Late pick up charges may apply. Salon pricing is subject to coat condition and breed standard weight and height. Additional charges may apply.

To keep our salon visitors safe, unfortunately we cannot accept aggressive or reactive dogs, dogs that are in heat or pregnant, or dogs that have been given a sedative.

Our salon services start with a full bath with premium shampoo, blow dry by skilled hands, ears cleaned and ear hair removed, nails trimmed and anal glands check at your request. To add any of our addition salon service upgrades to your appointment, choose “Extra” and then add the desired service.

Available Grooming Upgrades

  • Blueberry facial – remove tear staining, enhance coat appearance and smells great.
  • Teeth Brushing – we all do it, your dog should too.
  • Thera-Clean – Relieves scratching, dry skin, hot spots, skin infections, allergies.
  • Paw Cleanse – Deep cleans between the toes, prevents chewing on paws
  • Nail Grinding – Dremel used for a smooth finish
  • Nail Polish – any color
  • De-Shedding shampoo – helps reduce shedding and remove undercoat
  • Flea Bath – got bugs? We got your pup covered with our natural flea and tick shampoo
  • Oatmeal Shampoo – soothe itchy skin by reducing redness and inflammation
  • Keratin Coat Conditioner – restores shine, reduces tangles and matting
  • Medicated Shampoo – 2% Chlorhexidine treats a variety of skin conditions
  • Matt removal – consult your groomer for pricing
  • Hand Stripping – breed specific, consult your groomer for pricing
  • Fur Coloring – “Mohawk” – any color
  • Fur Coloring – “Ears, Tail & Paws” – any color

To book your grooming appointment: 1) Choose your salon location, 2) Select your Pet Stylist, 3) select your dog or cat service. Please call your preferred salon if you have any questions.